Applying For Loss Prevention Jobs and not getting Results?

You’re talented.  You’re qualified.  You’re prepared.

You’re ready for the next step in your loss prevention career.  You take the time to apply for loss prevention jobs and then wait.  And wait.  And then...nothing.

The competition for loss prevention jobs is fierce.  When you consider that an average of 250 resumes are received for every corporate position, the entire process can feel hopeless. 

But often times the best person for the job never gets an opportunity to compete for it, simply because their resume didn't do it's job.

Interview-Winning loss prevention Resumes

Your resume should be as unique as you are.  To be effective, your resume has to quickly capture attention, generate interest, and most importantly influence action

Harness the power of a one-of-a-kind document using persuasive writing and design strategies to help you communicate your value and stand out from the crowd.   

Written For Humans.  Optimized For Machines.

Your resume only has a matter of seconds to make a first impression and that's if it gets past today's resume filtering / Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).  In fact, 75% of all resumes submitted don't make it beyond these systems.

If your resume isn’t designed, formatted, and written in the right way, chances are it will never be read by a human. 

To stand out from the sea of competition, you need a powerful resume that lands interviews. 

If you're tired of applying for loss prevention jobs only to have your resume disappear into the "resume black hole" or you need an edge over your competition, it's time to discover the difference a perfect loss prevention resume can make. 

Capture Attention

Leverage strategic writing and design strategies to highlight your unique value, position yourself properly and magnetize your personal brand. 

Melt Resistance

Utilize custom formatting and targeted search optimization to compete with resume filtering software and avoid the "resume black hole."


Inspire Action

Keep the focus on your value and overcome special circumstances with ease (terminations, gaps in employment, lack of experience, etc).

Establish Your Value Proposition


beat Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

Position Yourself for better compensation

Make A Stellar First Impression

Accelerate Your Job Search

Win More Interviews

Before contacting Brandon, I struggled in getting actual job interviews. I felt I needed someone who had actual knowledge of the loss prevention field, would better understand my unique and focused energy, and bring it out in a way easily understood by non-LP people. Within 1 week of receiving my new resume, I already have 1 interview scheduled. I would absolutely recommend Brandon to others. He does what he says he will do in the time frame he sets out to do it in. He kept me appraised and produced a resume that I feel will get me a new position.
— Regional Loss Prevention Manager - Midwest
Wow. My expectations have been exceeded. I was impressed with the approach and style you adopted for my resume. It is definitely one of a kind product. I would definitely recommend you to others. I think the quality of work, collaborative approach and your responsiveness to my project was ideal. You displayed a high level of professionalism that lends itself to confidentiality which is important for careers. I appreciated your level of knowledge about hiring practices and industry trends which makes you more effective at what you do.
— Director of Loss Prevention - GA
You knocked it out of the park! 3 interviews within the first month of using my new resume. My only regret is not calling you sooner. Keep up the great work and thank you for being so informative and helpful.
— Area Loss Prevention & Safety Manager - CA

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