Energize Your Loss Prevention Resume With These POWER Words

Samuel Johnson (an 18th century writer, poet, essayist, and biographer) said it best when he said, "Language is the dress of thought". The way we speak and the way we write indicates how we think, and is representative of who we are. The language patterns, words and phrases we use speak volumes. What is your resume saying about you? 

Are you a person of action? A perfect loss prevention resume is one that is peppered with powerful, compelling action verbs that will attract attention. Remember, you only have a few seconds to make a great first impression. Hiring managers will rapidly scan a resume searching for key words. Choose your words wisely and they will serve you well. Give your resume life and move your loss prevention career down the right path. When you tell them who you are, how you say it does make a difference.

  • When detailing your past accomplishments use past tense verbs (trained, supervised, recruited)
  • Use present tense verbs when describing your current experiences (enable, facilitate, adapt)
  • Do not use passive tense verbs (planning, teaching, guiding)
  • Place the object after the verb to achieve more action

Why focus on action words in drafting a resume? They strengthen your writing and result in a better first impression. Action words detail your accomplishments and highlight the results of all your previous hard work.  Many resumes include passive phrases like "was responsible for."  But passive phrases don't describe what you accomplished or achieved, nor do they breathe life into your resume.  So what words should you use instead?

In preparing your loss prevention resume use a professional active voice and choose words that will engage the reader. Design one that will make you stand out and clearly explain what you can do for a company and exactly why you can do it.

Do you have a background in project management? Words like: orchestrated, chaired, headed, organized and produced are action verbs that will add pizzazz and substance to your resume.

Small changes will make a big difference. Replace the word achieved with exceeded, outperformed or surpassed and you have taken a sentence to the next level. If you have above average communication skills, reinforce that fact by including words like authored, composed, conveyed, documented and illustrated in the body of your resume.

Give the hiring manager a frame of reference to measure your accomplishments. If you state: "Developed and distributed a loss prevention awareness newsletter" you have accurately described an admirable achievement. However, if you say "Developed a monthly loss prevention awareness newsletter that revitalized employee engagement and contributed to a shrink reduction of 16%," you include measurement and added dimension to your statement. As you make it stronger it becomes more memorable.

As you describe your skill sets consider this list of power "action"' words to use in the development of your resume...

Management: produced, anticipated, evaluated, integrated, enforced, increased, prioritized, administered

Communication: recruited, corresponded, publicized, arbitrated, developed, composed, edited, formulated

Research: correlated, detailed, assessed, summarized, investigated, collected, evaluated

Technical: assembled, engineered, installed, operated, remodeled, maintained, upgraded, strengthened

Analytical:  constructed, investigated, experimented, converted, compared, enlarged, perceived

Clerical: prepared, classified, generated, recorded, implemented, tabulated, dispatched, compiled, screened

Creative: designed, invented, fashioned, conceptualized, revitalized, instituted, imagined

Financial: verified, audited, projected, forecasted, allocated, analyzed, calculated

Detailed: validated, responded, inspected, reorganized, retrieved

Think of your resume as the story of your loss prevention career. Does it accurately and effectively describe who you are, what you have accomplished, when and where your achievements took place and exactly what you are capable of doing for a new company? Are your words consistent with what you are trying to communicate?  

A professional resume writer  will work with you to produce a resume that tells your story in words that will help you stand out from the crowd and get you noticed.