Resume Writing

How To Use "Anchors" In A Loss Prevention Executive Resume

One of the most difficult components of resume writing, even for professional resume writers, is how to organize a significant amount of information into a concise presentation.  For the experienced Loss Prevention Executive with a significant amount of work history, this becomes even more challenging.  But there's a simple tool to employ which makes the process a breeze...

How To Use High Caliber Bullets For A Killer Loss Prevention Resume

No one likes walls of text.  Whether it’s a web page, novel, or your loss prevention resume – if the goal is to promote readability, then breaking up the text is an absolute must.  Here's how to optimize the bullet points in your resume to capture the attention of a talent seeker...

Loss Prevention Job Search: How To Handle Terminations And Layoffs On Your Loss Prevention Resume

No one likes being laid off or fired. Beyond the initial shock, inconvenience and income loss is the challenge of presenting this on your resume. The whole point of a resume or CV is to show your strengths and ways you've contributed to various organizations in the past. You need an honest way to account for such events and the gaps in your work history. Let's look at some tips on how to handle being laid off or fired on your resume.

Added Benefits Of A Polished Loss Prevention Resume

Other than an initial introduction to help talent seekers narrow down the field to the best and the brightest, what good is a resume? Don't underestimate the humble, little resume. With an illustrious 500 year history, beginning with none other than Leonardo da Vinci in 1482, the resume is one of the most important tools for every professional. Here are some of the added benefits of a properly written loss prevention resume...

Energize Your Loss Prevention Resume With These POWER Words

The way we speak and the way we write indicates how we think, and is representative of who we are. The language patterns, words and phrases we use speak volumes. What is your resume saying about you? 

These 5 Fatal Flaws Are Killing Your Resume

When you're job hunting you must think of your resume as the first opportunity to make a great impression. While general DIY resume writing tips are useful, if you really want to stand out and land that job, there are some common resume pitfalls you'll want to avoid.

Font Psychology: Are You Using These Fonts On Your Loss Prevention Resume?

When creating a resume, believe it or not, font matters. The psychology of fonts on a resume should be taken very seriously. A resume is an individual's primary means of marketing their "self" to a potential employer. Much ado has been made over font impact by professional marketers. Their research is conclusive. Font choice could make or break the power of a resume. 

Quick Tips For Avoiding The "Resume Black Hole" During Your Loss Prevention Job Search

Most of us can relate.  You come across a loss prevention job you'd be perfect for and apply online.  And then...crickets.  No call.  No email.  No response.  Could it be that you weren't what the company was looking for?  Perhaps.  Or it could be something else...