struggling to clearly communicate your value?

I can help with that.  Because I speak LP. 

My name is Brandon Brown and I blend 20+ years of combined experience as a loss prevention leader, marketing copywriter, and professional resume writer to help those entering or currently working in the Loss Prevention / Asset Protection, Corporate Security or Risk industries to market themselves effectively. was built on the belief that the talented and qualified professionals who apply for loss prevention or corporate security jobs, should actually get a chance to compete for them.

From entry-level professionals, to executives and career-changers, I provide strategic resume writing and personal branding services specifically for those seeking private sector security or asset protection roles.

Why Me?

  • 100 % Confidential - In our industry, trust means everything. Therefore, I never use subcontractors or disclose the identity of my clients to anyone. Period.

  • Industry Knowledge - 20 years loss prevention leadership blended with professional experience as a marketing copywriter and resume writer, allows me to deeply understand your industry and target audience, but most importantly - how to market YOU.

  • Personalized Service - Every document I write and design is handcrafted and tailor-made just for you. I take the time to understand you, your background and goals, then develop a career document from scratch using proven strategies that present you in the best way possible.

  • Your Satisfaction is #1 - The best results come from a collaborative partnership and my process isn't complete until you're completely satisfied. We will work together to craft a career document that positions you for success.


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